Artist Statement

Permissive Space: Material re-enactments

Materials have their own pedagogic values, histories and discourses. Clay is a material rich in all these aspects which provides a wealth of opportunities for the artist as researcher to critically engage with some of the mythologies and uncertainties of handling this material.

In an attempt to locate prominent pedagogies of ceramic education I have re-enacted remembered shifts in my understanding of material use. My recollections are tempered with nostalgia for the handmade.

However, the shift toward a multi disciplinary practice, evident across art and design education in higher education, raises a number of questions about recent developments in ‘making pedagogies’ and the ways in which they permit or inhibit making with specific materials.

The objects displayed tug at the tensions between the conceptual and the functional, the found and the made, the intentional and intuitive. They signify my relationship to skill acquisition, rituals and rites of passage. Within an expanding field of material interpretation I ask, should there be a re engagement with the qualities, histories and discourses of clay?

And does making matter?

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